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Based on the giant containers filled with decorations and the long shopping list you still have, you probably already know that you’ll have a lot of stuff to bring with you on your wedding day. While you don’t want to forget even the smallest detail, there are a few things that you absolutely can’t leave behind or not confirm. Your wedding day has the possibility to get really hectic if you don’t have a game plan ready.

Feel free to bookmark this article, add tasks, remove some, and delegate to others if it makes your day that much easier. Lastly, remember to keep calm and enjoy this once in a lifetime day.

1.The Wedding Timeline

It’s probably already engraved in your brain, but your wedding party and extended family might not have the schedule memorised. It is also recommended to share this with your suppliers & vendors too, just to make sure that everyone is in the loop.

2.Vendor Contact Information

If all goes according to plan, you won’t need to reach them—but it can’t hurt to have their phone numbers, just in case (touch wood!).

3.Take Photos With Certain Guests

Photographers and planners will always put an extra emphasis on [the wedding] party and family photos. However, sometimes couples look back on their photos and realize that they should have created space for pictures with their guests also. A fun way to do this is via a photo booth.

4.An Emergency Kit

You never know what could go wrong! Pack a small emergency kit to fix any mishaps on the big day. Ask a bridesmaid or your wedding planner to keep it at hand. Include things such as; mini medicine kit, mini sewing kit, lip balm, perfume, stain remover, phone chargers & anything else you may find necessary.

5.Delegate Tasks

On the day of your wedding, we recommend that you do not lift a finger and just enjoy your day & be present in the moment. Delegate wedding day tasks to friends and family for them to manage & coordinate on the day. This will allow everyone to know what they are responsible for on the day.

If you would prefer your friends & family to relax too, consider hiring a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding. By doing so, you may get peace of mind knowing that there is someone designated to make sure all the moving parts of your day happen.

Most importantly, don't sweat the small stuff & enjoy your special day.

Photographed here is the beautiful wedding of Michaela + Tagen, captured by Michigan Behn Photography

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Lauren & Michael Esteves said their "I do's" at Glencairn Weddings on 11 June 2022. We loved getting to know this couple & felt very grateful to be a part of their big day.

There is no doubt that we are very fond of love stories here at Glencairn, we're always keen to hear how our beautiful couples crossed paths.

When asking Lauren how herself & Michael met, she said "It isn't a very romantic story, we met the dating app, Hinge." Talk about a modern day kind of love.

Lauren continued, "I maintain that I liked his profile like 6 weeks before he liked mine back, I'd totally forgotten about him by the time we started chatting."

The couple reminisced about their second ever date with us. Michael explained that their second date was a road trip to the Midlands for lunch on a cold, rainy Saturday. Lauren added, "there were no awkward silences and he let me choose the pizza we shared. I was immediately drawn to his kindness and generosity."

As dawn broke on Saturday June 11, Lauren awoke to a beautifully cool and crisp morning, with the sheep right outside of her window. Lauren stayed in one of our Ram Stables on the weekend of her wedding. She described the scenes from her accommodation as, "totally idilic." Just the kind of peace and calm one would need on their wedding day.

The couple shared with us that the best part of their wedding day was being surrounded by all their favourite people. Lauren added, "I also really loved getting ready with my bridesmaids as well as seeing all the faces as I walked down the aisle in my dream dress."

When asked if they would recommend Glencairn Weddings to friends, the couple gushingly responded with, "one thousand times over. The lamb package was great value for money and when the venue is so stunning you really don't need much to make it even more special."

In closing, we would like to thank Lauren & Michael for choosing Glencairn Weddings, your beautiful day has left us with fond memories that we will hold dear.

If you would like to learn more about Glencairn Weddings, the different packages we have to offer, accommodation & more please get in touch with us via email.

Photography by Aimy Louise Photography

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While each and every wedding-related decision plays a part in curating your big day, there are a number of choices that make a bigger impact than others, one of those being your venue. To help you navigate this very important wedding-planning decision, we have curated this blog post.

From starting early (aim to begin your search at least a year out) to selecting a location that suits your wedding style (are you planning a classic, bohemian, or rustic event), these criteria will ultimately help you decide on any prospective venues. They'll help you formulate questions ahead of any venue tours—and should also serve as a final checklist before you sign any contracts. In the end, it's all about making sure that the venue you choose ticks all of the boxes.

The venue you choose should also fit into your budget. While not all of these elements revolve around money management, you'll notice that many are designed to help you get the most bang for your buck. That means paying attention to venue package types and its overall capacity.


When choosing a venue for your wedding day, it is important that you are aware of your venue's accessibility.

Can it be easily reached or is it way out of the way? Will directions be straightforward enough for out-of-town guests (who are unfamiliar with the area) to make sense of? Late guests are never fun, and we know you won't be responding to any messages before walking down the aisle.

Glencairn Farm is situated under 3 hours from Durban (including King Shaka International Airport) and just over 6 hours from Johannesburg.


Choosing a space that "meshes with your vision" is priority number one. Ultimately, your venue's style comes down to personal preference—and who you are as a bride.

Are you planning an event ripe with rustic décor? Glencairn Farm would be the ideal location for you. Situated at the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg Mountains, with panoramic views, and massive sheds that allow the perfect blank canvas for you to create your dream style.


Capacity limits can make or break a venue—you obviously can't cram 300 people into a space that's designed to accommodate 150. The reverse is just as problematic. At Glencairn Weddings, you are able to host 300 people at your wedding. We also have on-site accommodation that can sleep just over 100 people in beds.


Some sites don't provide full service—think catering, bar, and staffing—which typically results in a lower-cost package (this is best for duos on a budget). At Glencairn Weddings, we offer 2 Wedding Packages. We know that you would love to read more on what we have to offer. Our packages include the option to hire our chairs, decor, tables & more. We have it all at Glencairn Farm.


Being located in the Southern Drakensberg, there is plenty to do in and around Glencairn Farm. We have beautiful trails for your guests to run, walk or hike on the morning of your wedding.

Whether you're a paddler, a fisherman or just enjoy the plain outdoors, the nearby rivers and dams will be an absolute treat.

On site, we have a children's 'jungle-gym' to allow the 'younglings' to blow off some steam & be entertained.

Did we mention our spacious braai area, which is perfect for guests to enjoy the evening before the formalities?

All this & so much more awaits you at Glencairn Weddings.

The Emanuels Wedding | Photos by Jade Shelton Photography | @HazeCreatives

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