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A modern day love story

Lauren & Michael Esteves said their "I do's" at Glencairn Weddings on 11 June 2022. We loved getting to know this couple & felt very grateful to be a part of their big day.

There is no doubt that we are very fond of love stories here at Glencairn, we're always keen to hear how our beautiful couples crossed paths.

When asking Lauren how herself & Michael met, she said "It isn't a very romantic story, we met the dating app, Hinge." Talk about a modern day kind of love.

Lauren continued, "I maintain that I liked his profile like 6 weeks before he liked mine back, I'd totally forgotten about him by the time we started chatting."

The couple reminisced about their second ever date with us. Michael explained that their second date was a road trip to the Midlands for lunch on a cold, rainy Saturday. Lauren added, "there were no awkward silences and he let me choose the pizza we shared. I was immediately drawn to his kindness and generosity."

As dawn broke on Saturday June 11, Lauren awoke to a beautifully cool and crisp morning, with the sheep right outside of her window. Lauren stayed in one of our Ram Stables on the weekend of her wedding. She described the scenes from her accommodation as, "totally idilic." Just the kind of peace and calm one would need on their wedding day.

The couple shared with us that the best part of their wedding day was being surrounded by all their favourite people. Lauren added, "I also really loved getting ready with my bridesmaids as well as seeing all the faces as I walked down the aisle in my dream dress."

When asked if they would recommend Glencairn Weddings to friends, the couple gushingly responded with, "one thousand times over. The lamb package was great value for money and when the venue is so stunning you really don't need much to make it even more special."

In closing, we would like to thank Lauren & Michael for choosing Glencairn Weddings, your beautiful day has left us with fond memories that we will hold dear.

If you would like to learn more about Glencairn Weddings, the different packages we have to offer, accommodation & more please get in touch with us via email.

Photography by Aimy Louise Photography

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