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5 Things Not To Forget On Your Wedding Day

Based on the giant containers filled with decorations and the long shopping list you still have, you probably already know that you’ll have a lot of stuff to bring with you on your wedding day. While you don’t want to forget even the smallest detail, there are a few things that you absolutely can’t leave behind or not confirm. Your wedding day has the possibility to get really hectic if you don’t have a game plan ready.

Feel free to bookmark this article, add tasks, remove some, and delegate to others if it makes your day that much easier. Lastly, remember to keep calm and enjoy this once in a lifetime day.

1.The Wedding Timeline

It’s probably already engraved in your brain, but your wedding party and extended family might not have the schedule memorised. It is also recommended to share this with your suppliers & vendors too, just to make sure that everyone is in the loop.

2.Vendor Contact Information

If all goes according to plan, you won’t need to reach them—but it can’t hurt to have their phone numbers, just in case (touch wood!).

3.Take Photos With Certain Guests

Photographers and planners will always put an extra emphasis on [the wedding] party and family photos. However, sometimes couples look back on their photos and realize that they should have created space for pictures with their guests also. A fun way to do this is via a photo booth.

4.An Emergency Kit

You never know what could go wrong! Pack a small emergency kit to fix any mishaps on the big day. Ask a bridesmaid or your wedding planner to keep it at hand. Include things such as; mini medicine kit, mini sewing kit, lip balm, perfume, stain remover, phone chargers & anything else you may find necessary.

5.Delegate Tasks

On the day of your wedding, we recommend that you do not lift a finger and just enjoy your day & be present in the moment. Delegate wedding day tasks to friends and family for them to manage & coordinate on the day. This will allow everyone to know what they are responsible for on the day.

If you would prefer your friends & family to relax too, consider hiring a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding. By doing so, you may get peace of mind knowing that there is someone designated to make sure all the moving parts of your day happen.

Most importantly, don't sweat the small stuff & enjoy your special day.

Photographed here is the beautiful wedding of Michaela + Tagen, captured by Michigan Behn Photography

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